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Keri McIntyre, a Youtube Hot for Teacher Sensation

But all that fame is not what Miss Keri McIntyre wanted:

When Keri McIntyre signed on to be a teacher, she never imagined she would become a YouTube sensation. Someone videotaped her fifth-grade class’s graduation at Winding Springs Elementary in 2006 and edited it to the Van Halen hit “Hot For Teacher.”

“I'm not doing anything except going on stage. The man zooms in on my butt. He keeps replaying it over and over,” she said.

The three and a half minute clip [has been removed from Youtube] has now been viewed more than 187,000 times.

“Every day this is allowed to go on, a thousand more people view it and make degrading comments,” McIntyre said.

It’s the comments that really hurt.

“This one says, ‘Love sexy teachers. Always wanting to help you out,’” McIntyre read. “This one says, ‘He's probably a janitor who checks out hot young teachers.’”
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